Disc Brake Shortage

As this world continues to change before our eyes, RV parts have been a struggle. From ladder shortages to daytime roller shades, even baggage door latches. Montana has pursued every angle to continue building high-end luxury fifth wheels at higher standards.

One of the most sought out option on the Legacy package was the disc brake option. Proven performance of disc brakes was far greater than the stopping power of traditional drum brakes. Due to the national supplier experiencing production issues, manufacturers are incapable of supplying a key component of disc brakes to any RV manufacturer. Unfortunately this option is temporarily discontinued. However the good news is drum brakes have been around for many many years and also have proven performance, just less effective. Nonetheless, drum brakes are sufficient for getting you to your next campsite, no matter the terrain, in one safe piece. With this temporary shortage recently coming to fruition, let's hope for a short supply timeframe. Please contact Jarred for more details.


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